3D Printed Pixel Sunglasses Cost More than a Plane Ticket
Posted on: 09/18/2012 08:22 PM

Protos Eyewear is a 3D printing manufacturer that was created by a team of industrial designers and architects who met at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, California. Their mission is to create the best 3D printed sunglasses & customized eyewear in the marketplace.

An 8-bit trend has been rocking the world as of late. From runway fashion shows to electronic music festivals, these new style of sunglasses have been all the rage in 2012’s fashion trends list.

Pixel glasses have been described as 'Lego' like because of their resemblance to pieces from the popular Danish toy manufacturer. Protos is the first company to design a pair of sunglasses that goes beyond 2 dimensions thanks to the ability to create the sunglasses using the 3D printing processes.

"When you see these in person they truly are amazing as you really think that they are inconceivable when you first look at the photos of them but in real life these cube like shades are the coolest thing I have ever purchased. It’s a minecraft lovers wet dream” According to Corey Hart (a Protos Eyewear Customer).

Only problem is these things aren't cheap. A pair of these Hal Pixel sunglasses cost $250... yes, you read that right. For that price, I can fly to California on a rather nice jet. Yes, these glasses are cool looking an unique, but for that price, you might as well buy your own 3D printer and make them yourself.

Alternatively, you can buy these cool pixel glasses below for just $6, although they aren't 3D.

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