3D Projection onto Screen of Water in London
Posted on: 09/10/2012 09:36 PM

A massive screen made only of water will project a 3D geometric 'psychedelic ballet' over a London's Regents' Canal this September. Artist Max Hattler has been commissioned by the car company Vauxhall to use the water screen as a new public art experience.

The screen is created by a special high-volume pump that sprays a thin fan of water across a huge area (about 10 meters by 5 meters). It looks like a projector or RBG laser is being used to create the images on the screen, similar to the projection mapping videos you may have seen. The show every hour between 8-10pm at King's Cross Filling Station (KXFS Canal Commission), Goods Way, N1C 4UR between the 6th and 16th this September.

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