3net Announces New Original Series: Storm Surfers in 3D
Posted on: 07/19/2012 12:36 AM

3net is going to bring viewers an adventure 'beyond the extreme' next month with the world premiere of the groundbreaking new 3net original series Storm Surfers. Starting Sunday, August 19 at 9 pm EST, the series follows surfing legends, best friends and larger-than-life personalities Ross Clarke-Jones (an Australian Surfing Hall of Fame inductee), and two-time surfing World Champion Tom Carroll as they work with genius surf-forecaster Ben Matson to hunt down Mother Nature's biggest waves and surf the planet's most dangerous breaks.

This will be a four-part mini-series featuring Ross and Tom along with some of the most well known names in big-wave surfing as they trek around the world; all while capturing awe-inspiring, heart-pounding footage of their adventures in 3D.  The Storm Surfers crew utilizes the latest in storm forecasting technology, innovative surfing gear, specialized hand-held 3D cameras and customized mounts and rigs to give viewers a never-before-seen, first-hand POV perspective of big wave riding in three dimensions.

"With Storm Surfers, we've combined cutting-edge science, real-life drama and some of the most spectacular waves ever captured on film with a classic story of friendship, adventure and death-defying courage," said Tom Cosgrove, President and CEO, 3net.  "The series breaks new ground in the emerging 3D medium – literally taking viewers 'inside the barrel' of never-before-tamed monster waves for the first time ever in 3D.'"

Storm Surfers schedule is as follows:

"Overcoming the Cow Bombie" – August 19 (9 PM ET/PT)
As the northern swell season comes to an end, Ross and Tom round off one last session with World Champion Kelly Slater in Hawaii before heading back to Australia in search of the biggest waves in the southern ocean. When meteorologist Ben Matson green lights a mission to the west coast, the team track and ride a swell at the treacherous Cow Bombie, the very break that nearly killed Tom years earlier.

"A Strife Ahead" – August 26 (9 PM ET/PT)
After a successful side trip to the exotic and isolated Shipsterns surf break in Tasmania, an injury conscious Tom Carroll begins work on a new life vest design as the team meteorologist, Ben Matson, predicts a new swell approaching on the east coast. The team invites Brazilian female big wave surfer Maya Gabiera to join them, but upon her arrival, the swell threatens to detour throwing the team into strife.

"A Young Man's Wave" – September 9 (9 PM ET/PT)
A surfing trip back to Ross Clarke-Jones' hometown instills a reflective mood in the two aging surfers. But ever the pioneers, they both embark on new surfboard designs before receiving an invite to an incredibly dangerous break in Sydney, where both their age and experience are a setback on this young man's wave.

"Not Defeated" – September 16 (9 PM ET/PT)
The team laments the lack of one massive final swell of the season, but when the call comes in and their wish is granted, the team must weigh that the dangers inherent in surfing the unseen and unridden known as Turtledove. With the break 30 miles out to sea, and means of rescue or help, the Storm Surfers decide to tempt fate.

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