Alioscopy Announces Integrated Adobe Photoshop Software for Glasses Free 3D Displays.
Posted on: 05/07/2012 10:49 PM

Years in development, Alioscopy technology helps brand retailers, tradeshow exhibitors, service businesses and museums attract and captivate their audience with 3D content that has incredible depth and dimension on an LCD display fitted with a lenticular lens. Potential customers (with cash-lined pockets) stop to view auto-stereoscopic 3D content at least twice as long as traditional 2D media, studys show. Alioscopy-generated content in "no-glasses" 3D offers animated, still, and interactive imagery that simply can’t be ignored.

If you haven't heard about this incredible company, Alioscopy is the 3D industry's leading no-glasses 3D display provider announced that Adobe has integrated its auto-stereoscopic, 3D multi-view algorithm as a new feature in Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 Extended software. Since more and more digital imaging artists are creating content in stereoscopic and auto-stereoscopic 3D, Alioscopy is offering a unique patented process for generating 8-anlge images for viewing and play-back on auto-stereoscopic 3D HD LCD displays.
In Photoshop CS6 Extended, anyone with a stereoscopic camera (left and right lens equipped) will be able to upload two-view images to Photoshop and convert it to multi-view (8-view) for display on an Alioscopy 3D screen - currently available in 21’’, 24”, 42”, and 47” configurations. Additionally, artists will be able to generate 3D objects directly in Photoshop or in other 3D software packages and apply the Alioscopy multi-view algorithm to create easy Alioscopy-ready content.

Of course, this algorithm is intended to work specifically with Alioscopy's displays, but from the looks of it should be able to be used with other display brands as well. No-glasses 3D content is one of today’s fastest growing trends in digital signage, trade show and events, advertising, and education, so this software release is right on time. By integrating Alioscopy’s patented technology into Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended, millions of artists in the global Photoshop community will benefit from a streamlined, all-inclusive workflow. Here comes easy-peasy 3D!

“Adobe Photoshop is a ubiquitous digital content creation tool with over a million users worldwide, and we’re thrilled to license the Alioscopy no-glasses 3D algorithm as an integrated feature in the new Photoshop CS6 Extended,” said Pia Maffei, chief operating officer for Alioscopy USA. “The majority of Alioscopy customers turn to Adobe daily to create, augment, and finish their digital images, animations, and photographs. The Alioscopy 3D toolset is a powerful way to import, convert, create, and edit ‘no-glasses’ 3D content that will be Alioscopy-ready,” added Maffei.

To learn more about how to create Alioscopy-ready auto-stereoscopic 3D content in Photoshop Creative Suite 6 Extended, check out this link and this video:    

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