AUO's 55 Inch 4K No Glasses 3D TV Receives Display of the Year Award
Posted on: 06/07/2012 02:57 AM

AUO received the Gold Award for the 2012 SID Display of the Year Award for its 55-in. 4K x 2K 2D/3D switchable glasses-free TV display. This award represents the industry's highest recognition given by the Society for Information Display (SID). The award will be presented to AUO today at the SID Display Week 2012 Symposium luncheon in Boston.

Since 1995, SID has been awarding Gold and Silver Display of the Year Awards annually. These awards are known as the industry's most prestigious honors, and are divided into three categories: Display of the Year, Display Application of the Year, and Display Component of the Year. The internationally acclaimed Display of the Year Award selects its recipients from an extremely competitive field. The award looks to honor the use of the best features and most innovative approaches.

About the TV:

AUO's 55-inch 4K x 2K 2D/3D switchable glasses-free TV display is the world's first 4K x 2K resolution TV display as well as the largest glasses-free 4K x 2K 3D TV display commercially available. The TV made its debut in Japan last December. The display incorporates proprietary technology to offer exceptional viewing experience very comfortably. It features a 4K x 2K (or quad-HD) resolution of 3840 x 2160 for the most vivid 2D images in the history of man. This display is like your new 1080p HD TV... Times 4! Then, with the flip of a switch, the 3D function is instantly turned on, supporting up to nine viewing angles by utilizing a built-in face-tracking camera. No dead zones exist, so the 3D experience is just like the TV you are used to. AUO's lenticular lens technology makes 3D glasses no more. The audience can now sit back in their preferred cushy couch and enjoy a pleasant and comfortable viewing experience. For AUO's partners (which is just about everybody that makes a LCD display - AUO is a multi-billion dollar company), this glasses-free 3D innovation allows for easy incorporation with their current systems. This ease of integration will help the growing commercialization of 2D/3D switchable glasses-free TV displays and bring about a new ear of 3D. The price for this insanely awesome TV is TBA, of course...

See the AUO display in this video:

"It is our deep honor for AUO's 55-in. 4K x 2K 2D/3D switchable glasses-free TV display to be able to stand out among the many contestants and win SID's Gold Award of 2012 Display of the Year," said Paul Peng, President of AUO. "This acknowledgement highlights both AUO's expertise to lead the industry by continuous innovation, and dedication to bringing out the best value in every product and solution for our customers."

From June 5th to 8th, AUO's engineers are giving presentations at SID. Special areas covered include 3D, AMOLED, and Flexible Electrophoretic Displays, which will hopefully serve inspiration for ideas and advancements of technologies among the display industry.

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