Behind the Scenes with Duality Projection Mapping Show in Atlantic City
Posted on: 08/06/2012 04:01 PM

Go behind the scenes with Duality, the immersive projection mapping experience that has been shown on the famous Atlantic City Boardwalk since July 4th.

Shown every night from 9:30 to 2:00am, this free show stopped over 20,000 people in their tracks. The highly sophisticated eight-and-a-half minute show includes surround sound, theatrical lighting and the latest architectural video mapping skills that bring the historic Boardwalk Hall building to life; digitally demolishing and rebuilding it into a virtual wonderland, to the utter delight of the riveted crowd.

Moment Factory, the Montreal-based new media and entertainment studio that createdDuality, will soon shine both inside and outside of Boardwalk Hall as it recently produced Madonna's new MDNA world tour coming to Atlantic City on September 15, 2012. Stay tuned for coverage of that event, too.

Duality has been a big hit in the social media world, too:

Duality was mentioned at least 400 times on Twitter, generating more than 1.3 million impressions

On the DO AC Facebook page, over 4,600 Facebook users have posted about Duality and more than 17,380 have shared and talked about it

The Duality YouTube video has received nearly 6,100 views

Duality went international with its coverage in Le Journal de Montreal and the Associated Press

"From the moment Duality hit the face of Boardwalk Hall our mouths dropped and we were held hostage by its brilliance."—Kory Aversa of Philly Loves Fun

"Wow! My daughter and I watched three times in a row on Tues."—Jerry Wensus on DO AC Facebook page

"Ridiculously amazing ... Already want to see it again!"—Rob Povia on DO AC Facebook page

Here is a spectator's video of the show if you haven't already seen it:

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