BMW Makes 3D Commercial for the S1000 RR Motorcycle
Posted on: 06/02/2012 10:07 PM

BMW commissioned Weisscamm, in corporation with Kaerawerk, (both of Germany) to create this amazing video segment that will be the new S1000 RR's advertisement. It was filmed using the incredible high-speed Weiscamm camera called the HS-2. The HS-2 is able to film at up to 4,000 frames per second, so high-quality-super-slow-motion is easily achieved (more on these cameras later). Kaerawerk then used their stereoscopic production ability to help create an amazing 3D experience.

This commercial is actually being shown in 3D movie theaters in Germany right now (only in Germany would a BMW ad be played at the movies), so the 3D version has not been released yet. Here is the 2D version to wet your tounge!

Also, check out the "making of" video. Its pretty spectacular consider how they had to shoot at high speeds, and incorporate a ton of CG effects. The production companies said " ;Driving very fast and shooting 1.000 fps really brought together all extremes!"

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