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Posted on: 05/10/2012 10:52 PM

We had a question. How good could some anaglyph 3D glasses be - that were only $3.50 for TWO pairs, including free shipping?

Well, we found the retailer that had the quickest shipping time and ordered them up. These are some of the cheapest glasses available, but you do have to buy two at a time. Even though the retailer had to ship from Hawaii to New York, the glasses still arrived within only a few days after purchasing. At first glance, I'm very impressed!

Now on to the glasses. I was really worried they would be like the cheap paper-and-cellophane, but they are no wheres close. These glasses should be considered (almost) high quality! The frames are plastic, but the plastic feels good and sturdy and has a nice finish to it. They feel better than the frames of the glasses you get at a movie theater for a Real3D movie. Not only that, but the frames of the glasses cover the top and sides of your face. This helps let less light behind the glasses and gives you a better 3D experience. The lenses are also surprisingly good. They are plastic, but are about 2mm thick - truly well constructed! The lenses are large and cover most all of your viewing area. Overall, they are comfortable to wear and don't weight much (unlike those heavy active 3D glasses). I really can't find anything bad to say - these anaglyph glasses are nicer than sunglasses I've bought for $15 at Wal-Mart.

Good: These are great glasses, especially for the price of just $3.50 with free shipping for two pairs.
Bad: You have to buy two at a time.

You can check out these glases and more at
Bundle Monsters Amazon Page

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