Cheap, Small, and Fast ORD Bot 3D Printer Makes Plastic Parts in a Flash.
Posted on: 05/23/2012 10:10 PM

ORD Bot is a 3D printer that is cheaper and faster than all of its competitors. The ORD BOT is a simple 3D printer platform kit that uses an extruder to "print" 3D objects, just like the Cube or the MakerBot that you may have heard about. Unlike the MakerBot, the ORD BOT can only print using one color at a time… But, it kills the MakerBot when it comes to speed: It prints at over 400mm per second and can reach up to a whopping 1 meter per second if you really try. This is much, much faster than the MakerBot's output speed of 33mm per second. The ORD BOT comes with two different print area. The largest, called the Hadron, is about 200 square millimeters. These are DIY kits, but the manufacture says pre-assembled units may come in the future.

From the manufacture: "The ORD Bot Hadron is an open source 3D printer mechanical platform. The kit is designed for someone that wants to build their own machine. It provides a scalable, rigid and square 3 axis platform to build a 3D printer. It does not include the other parts needed for a 3D printer, like the electronics, extrusion head or heated build surface. We want everyone to understand that the ORD Bot currently is just a mechatronics platform for a 3D printer. That means it provides the 3 axis motion. You still need to add the electronics yourself. If you don’t understand what this means, the ORD Bot is probably not for you. The ORD Bot uses MakerSlide extrusions for the linear bearings and for most of the frame. Check out the wiki for all the technical details and assembly instructions."

The platform is $299 for the cheapest one. Yes, Thats great! Plastic part makers for everyone! There are already 120 ORD BOTs out there, but this little printer with a big heart has one problem: it needs 100 preorders by May 31st 2012 to get the factory to produce more. If not, no one gets their printer. Go to the Inventables website to pre-order yours now!

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