Could Crowd Funding Make a Racing Game that Kills Gran Turismo?
Posted on: 07/13/2012 07:07 PM

Take a look at GT5… it sucks, and the newest Forza installation blew it out of the water. But now Slightly Mad Studios, the driving force (haha, driving force, get it?) behind Need For Speed SHIFT and SHIFT 2 Unleashed has created a new racing game that is focused on community. So much so that the community actually creates the game's content!

Project CARS is the name of the new title, which is partially funded by Slightly Mad Studio's investors and partially funded by users. The graphics and gameplay of Project CARS look quite jaw dropping, especially for a game that doesn't have an entire corporation like Microsoft or Sony backing it. The venture has raised 2,762,690 Euros so far (or $3,380,703 Dollars… the Euro ain't what it used to be!).

Here is a 3D video of one of the game's recent beta releases, 3D'ed by Nvidia.

If you for some reason frown at the graphics in the video than don't worry - it is said that the graphics will be much improved upon the actual game release. Speaking of releases, the expected release date is somewhere in mid 2013. If you want to get involved yourself, you can do so here at the Project CARS website.

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