Dassault Systems Creates Detailed 3D Walkthrough of Giza, Egypt
Posted on: 05/31/2012 12:36 AM

Dassault Systems of France has created GIZA3D. An incredibly detailed 3D experience based in Giza, Egypt. The web program walks you through what is being called the most accurate rendition of ancient Egypt ever. Go to giza3d.3ds.com to watch and interact with the program. (Hint: Keep scrolling to view all the intro content!)

You will also have to install 3Dvia software, which is quick and easy. Then you will need to run your browser in 32-bit mode. If you have trouble with this, refer to the help section of the GIZA3D page to be guided to setting up your software.

Get your 3D TV or anaglyph glasses ready and prepare to be wowed!

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