Design and 3D Print a Custom iPhone Case with this New App
Posted on: 09/10/2012 08:05 AM

You can now design your own 3D printed custom case for your iPhone 4 and 4S, thanks to the French (never thought I’d say that), and the App store.

French company Sculpteo has created an App called 3DPCase, which allows you to chose from five templates (more are coming soon!) and then customize them by adding texts, images, changing the shape, and picking your favorite color. All of this takes just a couple minutes.

Best of all? The app is free, and the cases start at just $14.99 and they ship to the US in four days, Europe in just two.

Some templates are desinged in collaboration with other design firms such us as the Society for Printable Geography. They are responsible for the Geography case. All cases are printed using a nylon extrusion process, very similar to all the rest of the custom 3D printed cases out there. The advantage of using this app is the cost. Much cheaper than all the rest on the market.

I don’t know about you, but I want one of those geography cases with Everest on it...

3DPCase will be taking orders for iPhone 5 cases starting September 12.

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