Dimensional Optics Releases DLP 3D Glasses
Posted on: 06/27/2012 10:08 PM

3ACTIVE®, the leading brand of active 3D glasses, expands its 3D product line to offer high-performance, light-weight DLP® Link™ 3D Glasses to be used with DLP 3D TVs and Projectors.
DLP® Link™ is a built-in transmission technology which allows DLP® 3D-Ready projectors and HDTVs to communicate with DLP® Link™ enabled 3D glasses without the use of additional hardware.
The new 3ACTIVE® DLP 3D glasses will provide unsurpassed comfort and fit to the 3D TV Consumer who wants high-performance 3D glasses at affordable prices to connect to the 3D world.

3ACTIVE® brand 3D Glasses are designed with the consumer in mind:
*Lightweight frames and flexible temples allow for good fit and extended viewing comfort.
*Our rechargeable 3D Glasses save users money on replacement batteries and make frequent viewing convenient.
*Full frames improve 3D viewing quality by blocking peripheral light.
*Included semi hard-shell case/organizer and cleaning cloth keep glasses ready for action.

Dimensional Optics sells the glasses in single units for $49.95 and also offers a variety of starter kits for the 3D consumer who wants to enjoy 3D TV with family and friends.
Dimensional Optics’ 3ACTIVE® 3D Glasses are designed to be more than a 3D TV accessory. We have used our many years of eyewear frame design and high-performance optical lens development to build 3D Glasses that improve the 3D TV Consumer’s viewing pleasure and experience. Providing quality at an affordable price is the best way to being introduced to the excitement of 3D entertainment.

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