Eastern Laser Releases Diode based 3D Laser Engraving System
Posted on: 06/28/2012 10:17 PM

Eastern Laser has just released a new 3D laser engraving machine. This 3D laser engraver is used for personalized crystal gifts, 3D/2D laser crystal photos, batch processing of high fidelity crystal products, glass decoration creating, and anti-counterfeiting glass products.

Eastern Laser's laser engraver uses a stable diode-pumped laser system, which has excellent mobility and the best size-to-power efficiency (just like the highly powerful laser from WickedLasers). This machine has an ultra-compact, high-speed scanner to ensure super accurate etching with extraordinary beam quality. The system has a nice user-friendly interface, too. This engraver is ideal for small specialty workshops. The 3D laser engraving machine handles glass sizes up to 320 × 320 × 120 mm (thats about 1' x 1' x 1/2' for us stuck on the english standard system), which is large enough to handle pretty much anything you will need to laser etch. This portable laser machine can handle any three-dimensional portraits.

Main Features:
Based on the electro-optical Q-switching technology, the laser source has a good performance in converting electrical energy into optical.
The sealed miniaturized laser head is insensitive to vibrations and harsh environments.
The emission of a laser pulse is shorter than 2 nanoseconds providing the highest quality engravings.

High engraving speed makes production and on-spot customization more efficient, helping to improve production capacity. High resolution ensures the effect of delicate carving; realistic and exquisite, which can be compared with original photos or real objects. This isn't your grandma's laser engraver! The easy to use software interface can read 3D / 2D graphic data processed by cloud software directly, theres no need to use third-party software to convert format. Its very easy to use! See the laser engraver at Eastern Laser's website. Pricing is TBA.

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