See Spiderman 3 in 3D for Free by Eating Kellogg's Pops Cereal
Posted on: 06/05/2012 12:59 AM

While grocery shopping yesterday I noticed a special offer on one of my favorite cereals: Pops. Being 3D related, I just had to pick up a couple boxes for myself.

Turns out, Kellogg's is offering a free 3D upgrade for collecting just 2 codes (theres one code in every box of cereal). 6 codes gets you a boring 2D movie ticket, but If you get 8 codes you get the 3D movie tickets 100% free! For all you Spiderman fans and 3D fans out there, its not a bad way to save a few bucks, plus get a couple boxes of tasty Pops cereal.

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