Gigapixel 3D Wall Display Costs $80,000
Posted on: 08/16/2012 08:43 PM

One day, instead of having friends over to check out your cool comic collection (do people still have those?), or to try out your new mini bar, you instead can invite people over to check out your new (and very expensive) gigapixel 3D wall display.

The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia has developed what is essentially an immersive 3D entertainment experience. With the combination of 14 3D displays (AKA 3D TVs), goggles with optical markers, and some head tracking software, you can have a home entertainment that kicks some serious butt. When you wear your goggles and look at the massive display you literally feel like you are somewhere else! The specially made goggles work by putting two cameras together approximately eye-width apart, this is how they can make it 3D: two independent cameras.

KAUST has envisioned this technology to be used as an aid in education, perhaps reconstructing historical sites and allowing student’s to travel there. But, in the typical Saudi Arabian way,this display will set you back $50,000-$80,000. Open game for Sheiks and major hospitals, but thats about it.

Once some of the kinks are worked out (removing the edges of the TVs), the lab techs at KAUST are trying to incorporate a multi directional treadmill so you can ‘walk’ through your virtual world. Can your mini bar do that? See more of this technology at KAUST's website.

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