Google's New 3D Maps Amaze Audience
Posted on: 06/07/2012 07:22 PM

Google rolled out its newest version of Google Maps today, and they really made a splash.

These new maps are in full, high-definition 3D. Buildings, trees, cars, mountains; anything that you can make 3D is 3D. Google's program manager for Google Maps, Peter Birch, said "We are trying to create magic hereā€¦ It's almost as if you are in a personal helicopter hovering over the city." I have to say, these maps are truly awesome!

This amazing content was recorded by using specially commission and specially outfitted planes that flew at low levels and took 45 degree angle pictures of (apparently) the entire world. Now I know why gas prices are so high - Google's planes have been using it all!

Google is releasing the new maps right away - they will be available on your Android or iOS device in just a few weeks. 'Normal' computers won't have access to the new maps until later this year.

The release of the new maps comes just a few days before Apple's WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference). This is a strategic and cunning move, as many are expecting Apple to launch its own in-house 3D maps this June 11th. Apple isn't a fan of being outdone, so we will see what this new map war will bring.

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