Has Raytrix Created a 3D Video Camera that will Change the World?
Posted on: 05/18/2012 02:38 AM

Has Raytrix created a 3D video camera that will change the world?

Raytrix, a German company, has developed incredible cameras for both video and still images. The are capable of producing incredible 3D (or 2D) images with no extra equipment!

Raytrix offers 5 different 3D light field cameras, the software to edit their cameras' pictures, autostereoscopic displays, and special light sources for the perfect 3D imaging. And it all integrates with each other! Forget about flat 2D images with fixed focus which cannot be changed after the fact. Raytrix offers you a brand new enabling technology: digital cameras with lightfield image-sensors. Using the new R1-camera you have full control in digital post processing of the perspective and focus setting of your pictures you have already taken. Not only that, a 3D reconstruction of the original scene is easy as pie. These cameras use around 20,000 mini-lenses all encased into one lens!

Raytrix also offers you state of the art 3D autostereoscopic displays (no glasses needed) that integrates with the Raytrix light field camera series. Sizes start at 24" for post production computer monitors up to 55" eye-catching 3D displays for presentations and exhibitions.

These cameras could be used for numerous applications both professionally and for everyday consumers. Most importantly, these new devices could be easily applied to the filming of movies and TV shows. This means 3D video content could become very easy to record, and very easy to distribute to your phone, computer, TV, or local movie theater. Get ready for the 3D take over!

(You want to know how much it costs, don't you? Well, the R11 model is around $26,000. Ouch.)

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