Help Create a New DIY Full-Color Hologram Kit by Litiholo for just $1
Posted on: 07/04/2012 10:35 PM

Litiholo is the maker of the super-simple $99 DIY hologram kit you have probably heard of (its been all over the internet and news). Their kit has had amazing success, works great, and doesn't use any chemicals to create the hologram. The only downside is that the system can only make the hologram one color - red. Now Paul Christie, the founder of Litiholo, needs your help to create the product everyones been waiting for. A full color hologram kit!

You can find the campaign on KickStarter here. Contributions start at just $1, and go to $400. For a $1 contribution, you get your name written on a special supporter's page (for totally awesome bragging rights). But if you step up your contribution, you start getting lots of goodies in return for your investment. The investment amounts vary, but the most popular has been for $185, in which case you save $50, and get a complete Full-Color Hologram Kit capable of making up to 20 different holograms. "Comes with everything you need to make your holograms, including 3 hologram-tested lasers in red, green, and blue, and 20 plates (2"x3") of the unique Litiholo "Instant Hologram" Film that makes full-color holograms with no processing or chemicals. Retail cost $285."

This is a really cool product, and starting at just $1, it would be fun to tell your friends you helped develop a hologram! Now go help Paul and his team at Litiholo accomplish this awesome goal.

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