How To Watch YouTube in 3D
Posted on: 05/26/2012 12:04 AM

It has come to our attention that not everyone knows about YouTube's 3D content support, or how to use the YouTube 3D video player. This link tells you all about YouTube's 3D experience, straight from their support section. They also tell you how to upload your videos and how to convert them from 2D to 3D if necessary.

In short, YouTube has a 3D function to support all 3D content. Type "YT3D" into the search bar to find content that is tagged as 3D. Then, while watching the video, you have 3D viewing options. Theres a ton of them, so I won't list them all out, but here are the basics:

When you find a cool 3D video on YouTube (heres one), you will see that "3D" has been added to the bottom right control menu - next to the video quality selector. If you click the icon, you will see multiple options for viewing 3D in your current format. You also have the option to change 3D formats, like so:

If you click, it will open a menu and give you as many options as any 3D Geek could wish for. For example, you could then click "side-by-side" if you were using an active shutter 3D TV, like this Sony. From there, you will get a whole world of extra options just within the side-by-side format. Have fun and try them all out in order to get the best 3D experience on the web!

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