iZ3D Makes Any Content 3D Content
Posted on: 05/22/2012 09:47 PM

iZ3D is a 3D hardware and software company that has been providing innovative 3D products for over 5 years. Today we are focusing on their software. If you have the Windows operating system (sorry, no Mac stuff yet) then you can convert anything on your computer into 3D. Any type of 3D, too! 3D Projectors, side-by-side, interleaved, shutter, dual output… even anaglyph! If you need it, iZ3D has the driver for you. Check out their download section here to pick the driver that fits your needs.

The best part of this software is for gaming. Almost every popular game works with this driver! You can see the entire compatibility list here on iZ3D's website. There are over 425 games to choose from, so I'm sure you will find something that tickles your fancy.

Here is a screen shot by XD3D of Crysis using iZD's anaglyph driver. Forget having a $1000 TV with $100 glasses! All you need is a pair of 3D glasses (like the Bundle Monster pairwe reviewed) for $3.50, or just make your own by following the instructions of our How To Make Your Own 3D Glasses article. Then download the iZ3D driver and viola! Awesome 3D games.

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