Men In Black Takes Title of Largest 3D Screening in the World
Posted on: 05/21/2012 09:47 PM

The largest 3D stereoscopic movie screening was held today (Monday 5/21/2012) in Germany. 6,819 film fans (breaking the Guinness World Record) were in attendence for the country's premiere of Men in Black 3 at Berlin. Star's from the alien-killing sequel including Will Smith, Nicole Scherzinger and Josh Brolin along with the film's film director Barry Sonnenfeld were all in attendance for the event. Why was it in Germany? I have no idea!

Four Sony 4K SRX-R320 projects were used at the event, projecting left and right eye 3D images simultaneously onto a giant 86' x 46' screen. Attendee's from the event say the 3D emersion was "breath taking".

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