Metallica Plans 3D Movie for Mexico Tour
Posted on: 06/18/2012 05:42 AM

We caught this on Rolling Stone Online: Rock band Metallica is prepping an 8 show run through Mexico that included a new stage design intened to be used in an upcoming 3D Metallica movie directed by Nimrod Anatal (Really - that's his name).

"This has been circling for two years. It's time to life-size it, get it out of our minds and on the screen. And if it's done right, it can be sensational. You're not watching Metallica onstage. You're onstage with Metallica. In IMAX, James Hetfield is 38 feet tall, snotting on you, spitting on you. It's 2,000 decibels. If there is an earthquake outside, you wouldn't notice."

The movie plot hasn't exactly been fleshed out yet, but when asked of the budget, singer/guitarist James Hetfield replied. "Yeah. It's ungodly. It's our life savings, basically. We don't know what the hell we're doing. But we know we want to try.

Wow. Now that's a commitment.

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