Multicolor TV Accent Lighting is a Must for Your Ultimate 3D Hang Out
Posted on: 05/21/2012 08:59 PM

We all want the coolest living room (like this guy), so how do you beat out your buddies?

Well, you got your new 3D TV, your 7.1 surround sound system, and your funky retro couch. Now its time to spice things up with some color. Not sure what color you want? How about all the colors all at once! LED accent lighting systems provide you with control over awesome looking multi-color lights that can be hidden almost anywhere. Under your couch, on your shelves, in your cabinets, even behind your TV!

You can purchase systems from a host of retailers like, Ikea, or even on eBay. Prices vary depending on the amount of lights and the amount of control (wired controller vs. wireless). Get creative and put these lights all over your home - I have them in my bedroom!

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