New KScan3D Software lets You use the Xbox Kinect to Make Instant 3D models of Physical Objects
Posted on: 08/08/2012 01:38 AM

KScan3D lets you use your Xbox Kinect to make instant 3D models of physical objects. While this isn't new technology or even a new idea, this software is promising a user friendly interface with high accuracy that should send it to the top of the 3D scanning market. You can quickly and easily scan, edit, process, and export data for use with your favorite 3D modeling software.

You can export final meshes in .obj, .stl, .ply, and .asc formats. If you need a more complex 3D scan, you can capture data from multiple angles and create a 360 degree mesh. KScan3D can capture and align 3D meshes automatically, too. Its packed with features, and the best way for you to learn more about it is check out the 14-day trial, available here. You can also check out KScan's Gallery that includes downloadable 3D files that were made using a Kinect.

KScan3D costs $299 for the software, or comes with the Kinect hardware for Windows bundle for $599.

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