Nokia Makes 3D Map of Gotham City
Posted on: 07/08/2012 01:50 AM

Hey! Look! Its Wayne Tower!

Nokia has gotten into the 3D map war with Google, Apple, and possibly Amazon, but their way of showing off the new maps is way cooler. A 3D reconstruction of Gotham City has been released for your navigating pleasure, in coordination with the new Bat Man film Dark Knight Rises. Pan over the whole city or get up close and personal with your favorite landmarks. While you're patrolling the city streets, keep your eye out for a hidden bat-shield which will enter you to win exclusive prizes, like a Nokia 900 phone.

Even if you aren't a Bat Man fan, the demo really shows off what Nokia is capable of on the mapping front. Except to see similar maps coming soon on your Windows phone. You can check out Gotham on your computer by going to Nokia’s special landing page for the demo and signing in via Facebook to use the app.

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