Piranha 3DD released on Facebook.
Posted on: 07/11/2012 07:22 AM

Piranha 3DD is the first 3D movie to be launched on facebook. That may be the only award it wins - Well, maybe a 2012 Spike TV Guys Choice.

Seriously - Christopher Lloyd gone mad, Ving Rhames with a shot gun leg, David Hasslehoff, life guard strippers and man eating fish - What more do you want in a flick? (Ok, maybe a light saber.) Best guess is these guys owed someone a HUGE favor to be in this one.

With the Facebook version you can watch the movie in 3D while chatting with friends, commenting, sharing and tagging clips. You can use your own 3D glasses but if you don't have a pair, Milyoni is providing a link with each movie purchase where fans can learn how to make their own 3D glasses at home.

"This project with Starz Digital Media marks yet another first for us and social entertainment on Facebook,” said John Corpus, CEO of Milyoni. “The chance to bring the first 3D movie to the social network is another step towards the future of Facebook as a true entertainment consumption and distribution platform.”

The flick will cost you $7.99 for 3D and $6.99 for HD. You can watch it with your own 3D Glasses if you have them, otherwise they provide a link on how to make some at purchase.

You can check it out Through Facebook here

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