Radical Rainroom Won't Rain on You
Posted on: 10/24/2012 03:18 AM

I want this in my house.

Is it a giant Reeses Cup? No.

Is it a dinosaur? No.

Is it Megan Fox riding a dinosaur while eating a giant Reeses Cup? I wish, but no.

It is called the RainRoom, and its really amazing.

The RainRoom is an art installation that allows you to walk through a downpour and not get wet. You walk down a corridor and into a 330 square foot room that is dispensing 660 gallons of water that that falls at 264 gallons per minute. So in layman's terms, that is a whole lot of water and the magic of it all is that you won't get hit with a single drop.

So how does this amazing room do it?

Well, there is a wizard, and a bunch of elves, and a really hot princess...

Just kidding. They magic lies in the hidden, super-complex system of pressure regulators, hydraulics, and 3D tracking cameras (go 3D!)

As you walk across the floor, the 3D cameras track you and maps your body, relaying the information to the software, which in turns tells the hydraulics where you are, and therefore where the water should not be. It is like you have super powers or something!!

The only problem with this technology is that it is at the Barbican in London and not in my house.

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