RealFiction Releases Transparent LCD Display
Posted on: 06/29/2012 08:26 PM

RealFiction's newest product lets you combine physical objects with video content by using a transparent LCD screen.

You may have heard of RealFiction before, we've written about them a few times before (in
this article
and this article). Now the Danish based hologram company has released a transparent LCD display that lets you combine physical objects with video content. Its a breeze to do, too. Just use the built in media player via SD slot, or use an external source using HDMI. Its truly plug and play! (transparent computer monitor, anyone?)

RealFiction says "Based on state of the art LCD technology we have launched a transparent LCD Display. This unique display gives you an opportunity for combining physical objects with full color video content. The see-through display opens a world of opportunities for creating powerful effects to make your product come alive. The display is excellent for retail shops, museums, shopping windows and other Point-of-sale placements."

"Our first product in the series is an entry level 22" display. You can play content directly from the built-in mediaplayer using an SD card or you can use an external source using the HDMI interface. This product is truly plug and play and very easy to install and use."

The display is full color (16.7 million colors, to be exact), has a powerful LED backlight, a 22" screen, 1680 x 1050 resolution, and is built to run 24/7 without maintenance. Prices are not posted on RealFiction's website, but we are digging to find them.

Check out this Nokia commercial that was filmed using the Transparent LCD display as a centerpiece.

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