Scientists Create New 3D Cell Technology
Posted on: 07/09/2012 06:28 AM

Time for a science lesson, but don't worry, this one involves 3D stuff, Switzerland, and rat liver tissue. No, seriously.

So, this Swiss biometric microtissue techonolgy company InSphero just announced today that they have created new 3D Microtissue technology. It needs some serious explaining, so here it goes...

They have created a way to effortlessly, efficiently, and consistently make 3D spherical droplets hang from patent pending assays and immunostaining trays. They call it GravityPLUS! Stay with me. Assays are those cool multi dished lab trays that the guys in white coats inject biology things into. For a better explanation see the picture below.

So what's so great about this? Well, to the medical world, this is a huge break through. Traditional 2D trays kept the 'biology stuff' in a puddle, where it had limited exposure to oxygen, made it difficult to observe the contents, and created a matrix effect. Whatever that is. So basically instead of having the fancy 'biology stuff' in traditional glass, InSpero has now made it possible to have the contents suspended in the air in the form of a droplet. This allows for more consistent, uniform, results, longer culture times, and they are still compatible with the industries automated dispensers! Yay! Not only can you by the trays you can also buy the GravityTRAP! This nifty little device is used capture the suspended droplet.

Alright so those of you who are still with, here come the rat liver tissues: InSphero has also created a better more uniform custom made cell tissue supply. These include but are not limited human liver tissues, stem cells, rat liver cells, and some others with big fancy names. Why do you need custom made cells? I have no idea. For more information please look at InSphero's website where you all find more big fancy long words.

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