See Your Favorite Old Nintendo Games in 3D with Projection Mapping
Posted on: 05/23/2012 09:31 PM

The Columbian artist Tanner Vi is already know for projection mapping (projecting 2D video onto a 3D surface… ever been to a Skrillex concert?) onto large buildings and objects, but now he is bringing his innovative creations to the small scale.

Tonner has created a new company called iluzion that will focus on creating 3D project mapping. The company's first official "artwork" is this video - which apparently only took a few weeks to make.

The projection surface is simply a white table with a Nintendo console in the center. Super Mario, Pacman, and Duck Hunt all adorn the white surface, turning it into a 3D game-o-sphere. This is just a video, but obviously the next step would be to make the games fully interactive. The company says "We are working on it".

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