Cheap Sony 3D TV review - UPDATED AGAIN! 7/19/12
Posted on: 07/20/2012 12:23 AM

Many people were skeptical about this TV when we wrote about in in our "Cheapest 3D TV" article, so we went out and bought one to see how it truly performs. 

UPDATE 6/29/12 - Skip to the last page to read what happened to our TV.
UPDATE 7/19/12 - Skip to the above URL for the most recent update!

Purchased new from Amazon for only $289 with free shipping, but prices have dropped even more in the last few weeks. Now you can buy it for about $260 shipped. These TV's were $500 when they first came out! The packaging is adequate and nice looking in the usual Sony fashion, but we ran in to an odd problem while unboxing the TV. It zapped me! It seems like whatever packing foam Sony used created a static charge on the TV itself. Actually, it zapped me twice and quite hard. ITs not that big of deal, just an odd way to start off a new product purchase. 

The TV comes with a stand, 1 pair of active 3D glasses, a decent-length HDMI cable and even the game Motorstorm: Apocalypse (which is full 3D). It's quite a lot of nice accessories, but I do wish they had included 2 pairs of glasses. It's awkward to say "look at my awesome new 3D TV!" to your friends and family, only to have them star at a blurry image on the screen while you indulge in the 3D awesomeness. The TV features "simliveiw" technology, which lets you play a multiplayer video game with a friend but only see your screen, while your friend sees only their screen. You wear the 3D glasses but see the image in 2D (the glasses separate your view from your opponents to prevent screen cheating). Between the simliview and 3D functions, you really need 2 pairs of glasses. Extra glasses are around $59, but I found a "new without box" pair for just $35 on eBay that I purchased. Now its much more fun to watch a movie with someone else instead of by myself in a cold dark room.

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