Cheap Sony 3D TV review - UPDATED AGAIN! 7/19/12
Posted on: 07/20/2012 12:23 AM

Glasses: The glasses are very good quality. Sturdy, but not too heavy. They have active LCD shutters, so they need to be charged and sync with the TV. The glasses include a little USB to mini-USB cable to charge then, just like you would a PS3 controller. They charge quite quickly - I just plugged them into my PS3's USB ports. They also include a nice suede storage pouch. I am astonished by how long them hold a charge. Its been about a month since I have charged my glasses, and they have about 7 or 8 hours of use on them. They are still going strong! Sony claims they will last up to 30 hours. They sync seamlessly with the TV, theres no buttons you need to push. They sync very quickly, too. The biggest problem with the glasses is that they are just plain uncomfortable for long periods (an hour or more). Even with their adjustable nose piece, the bridge of your nose will hurt. The temple frame is not adjustable, so if you have a wide head they will squeeze you a bit too tight. I have a pretty skinny head, and they still hurt me after an hour. Something else that was silly was they then put the LED that indicates wether the glasses are on underneath your finger your you are pressing and holding the on button. You can't tell when they are actually on or off unless you move your finger. Its just a little silly. These 3D glasses are tolerable , though, so don't let them ruin your experience.

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