Cheap Sony 3D TV review - UPDATED AGAIN! 7/19/12
Posted on: 07/20/2012 12:23 AM

Game: Motorstorm is a series thats been around for quite a while now. Sony uses the games to show off their newest technology (they shipped the original Motorstorm game with the original PS3s way back when, remember?). Because it was made specifically to show off this TV, Motorstorm has awesome graphics and even better 3D graphics. All the menus are 3D, as well as the cut scenes and intro video. The car customizer is a lot of fun in 3D, too. The game itself is pretty arcade-like. You drive around an apocalyptic track, doing jumps and boosting to the finish line. There isn't much of a plot or story line to the campaign, but its good fun that is surprisingly addicting. The other game we tried on the TV was Gran Turismo 5. The whole game isn't 3D, which is a little lame, but racing and the car selectors are. The interior views of premium cars are just plain jaw dropping in 3D. You feel like you are really there - the dashboard has depth to it, the steering wheel is actually in front of the gauges, and you realize how close to the ground you actually are. It really made GT5 a new experience. For the first time, I really felt a little scared going into a hairpin corner at 150mph in a million dollar Ferrari Enzo.

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