Cheap Sony 3D TV review - UPDATED AGAIN! 7/19/12
Posted on: 07/20/2012 12:23 AM

Overall, this Sony 3D TV is a great buy and worth much more than you will pay for it. The free game, HMDI cable, and glasses are worth $150 alone. So really, you are getting a 24" 1080p HD 3D TV for $100. Thats it! Plus, this TV is much more than a 3D TV. It looks great as a bedroom, kitchen, or workout room TV, and is a stunning computer monitor. I'm using it as a computer monitor as we speak, and boy do I love it! Its ease of use and easy connection with the Playstation system is a big plus. too. This is one of the best TV investments you will ever make!

UPDATE 6/29/12 - Skip to the last page to read what happened to our TV.

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