Cheap Sony 3D TV review - UPDATED AGAIN! 7/19/12
Posted on: 07/20/2012 12:23 AM

So, after around a month of owning this 3D TV, it has broken. Done, not-working, kaput; however you want to say it. The TV started flashing a black screen every now and then for just a few seconds about 2 weeks ago. It seemed like just a simple connection issue, or maybe the Mac Mini we have been using it with didn't recognize the display or something. The odd part was when the screen would go black, the sound would continue. It was a very intermittent problem, too.

Just yesterday, the Sony PS3 TV seemed very, very dim, even with the brightness all the way up. I also noticed a little bit of flickering in the screen here and there. Uh-oh, looks like a backlight problem. Later in the day, the screen did its usual black-out for a few seconds, but this time the sound cut out too. When the screen came back on, it was at full brightness like normal (it actually made me jump because the difference in brightness was so extreme). Ah ha! Looks like a backlight problem for sure.

The worst part came this morning when I tried to turn the display on. Nothingness. The TV powers on, gives you the usual blue then green light, but shows nothing at all on the screen, flashes a red light at you and turns off. We are going to try and return the TV to Amazon to get it exchanged. If you visit this thread on the Sony Playstation forum, you will find a 40 page long continuing discussion about the same exact problem with these TVs. Also, GameStop has just put these TV's on sale for just $199. Yeah seriously, $199... but I bet I know why.

New conclusion: What an awesome 3D TV for an amazing price - if you get one that works.

UPDATE AGAIN: 7/19/2012

We can't send the TV back to Amazon because its out of their return policy, so we got on the phone with Sony. Their support girl was surprisingly helpful and friendly (thanks Whitney!) but informed me that Sony does not take returns, they only repair their broken products. So they sent me this return shipping box, which arrived today (about 4 days after I called them, not bad). As always, we will keep you updated on The Continuing Saga of the Cheap 3D TV...

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