Sony Offers 3D Photo and Video Competition
Posted on: 06/13/2012 08:38 AM

Want to get free flights to London and have your pictures get global media coverage? Well now is the time to enter your photos and videos to Sony's 3D competition.

Sony officially launched their first world wide 3D photo competition last week, and entries are already being submitted. The Sony World Photography Awards are all about being at the forefront of photography, embracing new trends, and exploring the photographic possibilities of the latest tech.

From Sony: "3D photographs and videos can give a whole new look to that perfect moment, adding astonishing levels of depth, clarity and realism. We are looking for entries that use true 3D technology, as offered by modern cameras such as Sony's latest Cyber-shot compact cameras, Alpha (α) system cameras and Handycam® camcorders. Anyone can enter this dynamic competition and be a part of this image revolution."

The official start date is 1/06/2012, but you have plenty of time to think of the best photo or video possible. The competition doesn't end until 04/01/2013! The overall 3D Photo Award winner and 3D Video Category winner will be announced at the Sony World Photography Awards 2013 Gala Ceremony.

Accepted 3D file formats are:
Photograph - MPO (.mpo)
Video - MP4 (.mp4) / M2TS (.m2ts) / MTS (.mts)

Basic Members of the WPO can upload 3 files, while Advanced Members can upload 8 files, and Premium Members can upload up to 20 files! That premium membership might be worth it, considering the prizes are:

Title of “Sony World Photography Awards 3D Photographer of The Year”
Winning image showcased in the London exhibition 
Global media coverage
Flights to London, 2 nights accommodation in a hotel and VIP tickets to attend the Sony World Photography Awards gala ceremony in April 2013
3D equipment from Sony

Title of “Sony World Photography Awards 3D Video Winner"
Winning video showcased in the London exhibition
Global media coverage
3D equipment from Sony

Go to the WPO's website for more info and to enter the contest.

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