Studio Rendering Ranked as Best 3D Illustration and Animation Company
Posted on: 07/06/2012 03:43 AM

The independent authority on web design and development companies,, has released their list of the ten best 3D illustration and animation companies for the month of July 2012. Due to their dedication towards excellence, Studio Rendering has been named the best 3D animation agency. Studio Rendering has been able to achieve the first spot in the list for an entire year since their inclusion in June 2011. While thousands of companies offering online design and development services in three-dimensions are evaluated, only the best are included in the rankings. The list is released on a monthly basis showcasing the latest improvements and changes in the web design and development industry.

Studio Rendering offers their 3D illustration and animation services to companies looking to have a 3D representation of their product or services in a variety of environments. They are a 3D animation agency with focuses on illustrations to help visualize a concept or idea and animation services that help bring visions to life. Their services also include interactive 3D rendering for 360-degree views, product configuration tools, and even motion graphics. utilizes a proprietary process for researching and evaluating the best 3D illustration and animation companies in the industry through the use of five areas of evaluation, at least three customer references, and a look into various industry resources and publications. The five areas of evaluation which are used to compare the best 3D animation companies include project analysis, technical support, animation quality, creative collaboration, and design quality. Studio Rendering managed to achieve strong results in each of the five areas of evaluation leading to their listing as the best 3D illustration and animation company.

Customers are also contacted in order to obtain their unique experiences and opinions of the 3D animations services which have been provided to them. The research team spends time comparing various 3D visuals from both the customer’s provided work and the provider’s portfolio to gather a sense of quality work being generated. Customers are asked various general and specific questions relating to 3D animation and illustration. releases their list of the best 3D animation companies on a monthly basis. Studio Rendering has achieved their position as the best 3D animation company through their dedication to providing a strong final product with personalization and animations which speak louder than words.

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