Tokyoflash Makes 3D Watch
Posted on: 07/08/2012 02:59 AM

Tokyoflash is known for their wild and crazy watches, but this is the first time they have taken the dive into 3D (this is the first 3D wristwatch I believe - please submit a link if you know of another). The watch features a mirrored LCD display, time and date functions, and an EL backlight. Plus, theres 7 color combinations so you will always have the right watch for the right outfit.

The Kisai 3D Unlimited is like a regular digital watch, but in 3D! It has no special needs (like plugging it in at night or something weird like that) like most other technologically advanced watches do, and is really cool to look at!

The unfortunate part about the Kisai Unlimited is that its really not unlimited… its a limited edition. So, you'll have to hurry up and throw down your $145.00 to buy one. If you are at all in to watches then you know that $145 really isn't a bad price at all!

The big question: If I wear a 3D watch to a 3D movie, will I create a black hole to the 9th dimension?

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