Ultrasounds are Now Available in 3D Video
Posted on: 06/02/2012 02:27 AM

Ultrasounds have come a long way since the old grainy black and white pictures that are stuck in your baby book. Today, mothers have the opportunity to view their babies in 3D! And it gets better - not only is a detailed 3D ultrasound available, it is also possible to have a "4D" video made...

Here is a little bit on how it works:

With the traditional 2D ultrasound sound waves that are sent straight down and are reflected straight back up. This 'maps' the surface of the object the sound waves are hitting, producing a flat image. 2D ultrasounds are usually captured around the twenty-week mark. But with 3D ultrasounds, a mother can see her child as early as just fifteen weeks!

3D ultrasound waves are sent at many different angles allowing the computer to determine hight, depth, and width; it gives the image volume. 3D ultrasounds can not only map the external image of a baby, but they can also be used to check out it's internal organs! 3D ultrasounds are similar to CT scans with the main difference being that CT scans use x-rays, not sound waves. This 3D technology was first developed in 1987 at Duke University by Olaf von Ramm and Stephan Smith.

4D ultrasounds are similar to 3D scans, the only difference is that 4D is a continual moving 3D picture, where as 3D is just a static screen shot.

Check out this video that compares the traditional 2D ultrasound to new 4D video.

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