Want some $2000 3D Earbuds? You Got Em'
Posted on: 09/13/2012 09:11 PM

Apple's new Earpods that were released yesterday were created using 3D scanning, but this earbud system from Sensaphonics is 3D in a different way.

They are build for musicians; musicians that actually make a lot of money, specifically. We won't hide it, this earbud system costs a freakish $2000 (actually they start at $2000). But, you get a heck of a lot of value for your money. U.S. Patent Number 8,160,261 B2 actually grants 50 specific claims to Sensaphonics for the 3D Active Ambient IEM System. Thats pretty serious. Its the world's only active ambient IEM system to provide controlled ambience with full isolation, and has ambient earphones with embedded binaural microphones for natural ambience and accurate directionality. I didn't know that was possible! The bodypack that comes with the system is stunning too. The bodypack mixer combines the monitor mix and ambient sound somehow, plus has zero latency (that means there is no delay between when you play a note on the guitar and hear it).

The earphones are custom fit (they better be for that price), and provide a whopping 37 decibel of acoustic isolation. Thats a ton. Thats also part of why these headphones are called 3D - they provide the most natural, clear, musical sounding representation of the sound on stage. As said by Sensaphonics, "Guitarists can hear their amps acoustically. Drummers can hear their full kit naturally. Vocalists can interact with the audience." The list of 3D Active Ambient Systems will wow you, too. Dave Matthews whole band uses them, Santana drummer Dennis Chambers, and Dave Amato from REO Speedwagon (they are still around?) are just a few.

If you are a world touring musician, get a pair today at Sensaphonics' website. If you aren't, then you can at least appreciate the amazingness that is the 3D Active Ambient System.

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