Your Favorite Music, Manifested in Physical 3D
Posted on: 10/24/2012 06:43 AM

Ever wonder what sounds look like? Me either. Ever wonder how the sound waves of your favorite album would look like if they were physically manifested in matter and space (aka 3D)? Yeah me either.

But thank goodness someone did, because it is freaking amazing.

The research and experimentation studio Realit├Ąt has created an algorithm that translates sound into matter. Since no two albums are the same (except for Taylor Swift, her music is basically the same sob story), the shape, style, frequency, and dimensions of the piece will always be a unique creation. Kind of like a snowflake but better.

Located in Mexico City, Realit├Ąt works on many educational and experimental projects. They are a very creative bunch with a ton more cool projects, so check them out here.

You can expect a new single from Taylor Swift in response to this article sometime next week. I'm curious to see what she rhymes with 3DGeeks...

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