Z Axis Prints makes Lenticular 3D Photo Prints from Your 3D Pictures
Posted on: 07/15/2012 11:12 PM

Z-Axis Prints is a small company that offers lenticular 3D prints (just like a good ol' polaroid). They use a specialized laser-to-film process that creates extremely high quality continuous images. You can submit your .mpo or .jps file, your stereo images from a dual lens camera, or they can even convert a 2D photo to 3D for you. The prices are great, too! You can get 4 individual 4"x5" prints for just $22, and even the largest size (20"x28") is just $160. I'm seriously considering an order as we speak...

See all the services and products Z Axis provides at their website, here: Welcome to Z-Axis

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