3DCone Attachment Makes 3D Stills and Video with Your iPhone @ Kickstarter
Posted on: 08/03/2012 09:17 PM

We all love our iPhones. We all love the goofy attachments and add-ons that are made for the iPhone that we truthfully never use (remember the ION iType?). But, just a few days ago, some buddies from New York City launched a Kickstarter project for the 3DCone. This Stereoscopic add-on can take pictures and videos, comes with a free app, (and best of all) doesn't suck!

3D iPhone Apps already exist (like 3D Camera), but their downfall is that your pictures can't be of something thats moving, and it takes time to get your stereoscopic image to look just right. 3DCone, on the other hand, works just like your normal iPhone camera and can shoot in multiple 3D formats.

The device simply uses a mirror to take two pictures with slightly different angles, which are used to create the 3D image. The add-on looks good, comes in different colors, and is a breeze to use. Just snap on the 3DCone, launch the free 3DCone app, and you're all set.

If you get in now, there are 34 Early Bird packages left for just $29 that come with a 3DCone, 3D Glasses, and free shipping. You can also see 3DCone's YouTube channel, which is filled with actual footage from a 3DCone that was uploaded directly to YouTube (like this cute baby in 3D).

(This 3D device was actually prototyped on a 3D printer. How cool!)

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