Microsoft Files Patent for Holographic 3D Gaming Console
Posted on: 09/16/2012 07:36 AM

Remember that big computer company Microsoft? Remember that old book Fahrenheit 451? It looks like predictions of the 'future' made in the book are coming true.

Microsoft has filed a patent application for an immersive 3D gaming technology that will stem off of the Xbox Kinect. This new take on gaming will feature a projection system, which will include a 3D depth camera that emits infrared light to determine where the player and objects are. In addition to that, this new gaming system may incorporate technology already found in Microsoft's Holodesk. Apparently, the screen would be able to be projected onto any surface that surrounds you. The patent explains the details quite well:

"In the example shown in FIG. 1, user 102 is focused on the wall displayed on primary display 104 but may be aware of an approaching video game enemy from the user's perception of the peripheral image displayed on environmental surface 112. In some embodiments, the peripheral image is configured so that, to a user, the peripheral image appears to surround the user when projected by the environmental display. Thus, in the context of the gaming scenario shown in FIG. 1, user 102 may turn around and observe an enemy sneaking up from behind."

Granted this is just an application for a patent, which is different from pending patent, which is different from a bonafide patent... anyway, all that means is that this futuristic display is still a little ways off.

If this technology is all its cracked up to be, gamers will truly have no reason to ever want to leave their room. Imagine enemies creeping up behind you, bombs exploding right in front of you, hot girls right next to you... see, no need to leave your room.

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